Elix Aquaplate® Tanks

Aquaplate Water Tank

Elix Aquaplate® Tanks

Introducing the JR Elix Aquaplate range of round domestic and semi-rural tanks. They have been iconic to South Australia for over 30 years, and built to last with all tanks being manufactured at our Mannum Tank Facility using galvanised Aquaplate corrugated iron, from 450L up to 18000L.

There are many size options to choose from, and each tank can be customised with a wide range of fittings and accessories to suit your application.

Standard features and benefits:

  • Perfect for “hard water” (bore water or river water) applications.
  • House supply on town and semi-rural properties. We can supply a full solution including pumps and filters for your applications and advice on the right size tank for you. Contact us for advice.
  • Aquaplate poly lined water tanksFire storage tanks for both residential and business applications fitted out with relevant fire fittings and accessories ensuring compliance to AS 2419.
  • Rainwater harvesting applications where small to medium volumes can be captured and utilised. Ideal for households to beat the rising town water costs.
  • Some Bluescope colorbond colors are available, as well as traditional Galvanised finish.
  • They are Vermin and dust proof.
  • They are rated as fire resistant
  • The Aquaplate® colorbond Galvanised corrugated iron water tanks are available in the below colorbond colours:
  • Galvanised Iron, Woodland Grey, Windspray, Deep Ocean, Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt, Wilderness and Cottage Green.

Standard inclusions are:

  • BlueScope Galvanised AQUAPLATE ® wall material in Galv finish or a range of Colorbond© colours
  • Colours available: Woodland Grey, Windspray, Deep Ocean, Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt, Wilderness and Cottage Green.
  • 75mm or 90mm overflow fitting
  • Vermin and dust proofing
  • 20mm or 25mm threaded tank outlet
  • Inspection hole and cover

Want more?

There are a number of optional extras to help you build just the right tank for your application including:

  • Additional fittings are available, and location of the fittings can be specified for each tank.
  • Light guard and inlet water sieve
  • Range of extra outlets and valves from 25mm up to 50 mm inc CFS Fittings
  • Malthoid matting, a bitumen barrier mat for under the tank to protect your new investment


20 year corrosion warranty is provided for Bluescop AQUAPLATE steel component

A 20 year corrosion warranty is provided for the Bluescope AQUAPLATE ® steel component, and Elix Tanks offers a offers a 10 year warranty on its industry leading construction workmanship. A long lasting tank that you can rely on.


Our range of sizes to suit your water storage needs:

Litres Diameter Height
450 0.97 0.65
900 0.97 1.25
1300 0.97 1.85
1300 1.24 1.25
1800 1.3 1.25
2200 1.2 1.85
2200 1.5 1.25
2700 1.3 1.85
3000 1.7 1.25
3600 1.3 2.5
3600 1.5 1.85
3600 1.9 1.25
4500 1.5 2.5
4500 1.7 1.85
4500 2.2 1.25
5400 1.9 1.85
5800 1.7 2.5
6700 2.2 1.85
6700 1.9 2.5
9000 2.5 1.85
9000 2.2 2.5
11800 2.5 2.5
13600 3.1 1.85
18000 3.1 2.5

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