Slimline Water Tanks

Tankworks slimline 3,000L tanks

Slimline Water Tanks

Kingspan Slimline and Modline Water Tanks are a great alternative for tight spaces and allow you to maximise your water storage.

You can choose from many standard length, width and height options. You can choose the size to perfectly fit the space you have, for example, between windows or down the side of your house, to maintain access.

Slimline 4,000L Water TankWith capacities up to 10,000L you can store a lot of water even in a confined space.

All Kingspan Slimline and Modline Water Tanks are manufactured  with Bluescope Aquaplate® galvanised food grade corrugated iron and have a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame.

The Aquaplate® colorbond Galvanised corrugated iron Slimline tanks are available in the following standard colorbond colours: Woodland Grey, Surfmist, Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt, Dune, Monument, Basalt and Shale Grey, as well as the traditional Galvanised Iron. Most other colorbond colours are available.

Delivery is available within 200KM of Mannum SA 5238

Standard features and benefits:

Slimline Water Tank

  • Made with quality AQUAPLATE ® Steel
  • Narrow shape for small spaces
  • Rigid cross bracing system, won’t bulge or bow
  • Available in a range of sizes up to 10,000L
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Most colorbond colors are available, as well as traditional Galvanised finish.
  • They are Vermin and dust proof.
  • They carry a fire resistant rating
  • 400mm leaf sieve and light guard
  • 100mm overflow fitting
  • 25mm threaded tank outlet
  • 25mm brass ball valve

Standard inclusions are:

  • 400mm leaf sieve and light guard
  • 100mm overflow fitting
  • 25mm threaded tank outlet
  • 25mm brass ball valve

Want more?

There are a number of optional extras to help you build just the right tank for your application including:

  • Additional fittings are available, and location of the fittings can be specified for each tank.
  • Range of extra outlets and valves from 25mm up to 50mm
  • Many CFS/MFS fire fittings are available
  • Stormwater detention/retention systems are available


Kingspan Water offer a 10 year warranty on its industry leading construction workmanship.

A 20 year corrosion warranty (conditional) is provided for the Bluescope AQUAPLATE ® steel component, giving you a long lasting tank that you can rely on.

Slimline Water Tank

There are hundreds of sizes to choose from. 

With standard sizing up to 7,000 Liters, there are 3 standard heights available to choose from;
1560mm, 1860mm and 2020mm High.
From there, lengths/Widths are variable;
With lengths ranging from 1200mm to 3500mm long, increasing in 100mm increments,
and widths ranging from 550mm to 1150mm wide, increasing in 50mm increments.
Non Standard sizing commences at 7,000L and goes up to just over 10,000L with limited size options available.

Please contact us for your ideal size.

A few popular sizes in the extensive range are:

Litres Width(mm) Length(mm) Height(mm)
1000 600 1400 1560
2000 700 2100 1560
3000 700 2900 1560
3000 800 2200 1860
3000 1100 1600 2020
5000 1100 2800 1860
6160 1150 2900 2020
8000 1150 3700 2020
10000 1150 4000 2320